Nick Erskine, Owner

Coach Nick has nearly 15 years' worth of basketball coaching experience, most of which has been at the high school level in Texas and California. He is passionate about teaching young players the fundamentals of the game, as well as the life lessons that can be learned through basketball. He is also a certificated teacher, which has included teaching at both the public school and homeschool levels.

Justin Clark, Coach

Coach Justin was an all-district player at Anderson High School, and later went on to play basketball at UT Tyler. He also has experience coaching at the AAU level, and brings a lot of energy to the young players with whom he coaches.

Danny Burton, Coach

Coach Danny played high school basketball in the basketball-rich state of Indiana. He has experience coaching with previous ATX Ballers Basketball Camps, and is excited to continue coaching during the upcoming seasons because the kids' energy is "infectious and their minds are like sponges."

Jack Montagna, Coach

Coach Jack was an all-region basketball player at Port Aransas High School, and later played for Concordia University (Austin). He has coached at the AAU level in Austin for several years.

Cody Jonsen, Coach

Coach Cody is a devoted coach with over twelve years of coaching experience. He has experience as an athletic director, physical education teacher, classroom teacher, and camp director. He hopes to inspire students to be the best version of themselves, and to love being a part of a team.